Senior Researcher
Release Time:2021-8-3


Senior Researcher, Researcher– Organic Synthesis

  1. Complete the project within the timeline according to company’s requirements;
  2. Design the synthetic route with multi-steps by searching the literatures and patents;
  3. Arrange the experiments according to project plan; Write experimental protocols and results and project reports in accordance with clients’ requirements;
  4. Have skills in separation and purification of the organic compounds; Have skills to design the multi-step synthetic route and execute organic reactions independently;
  5. Have good synthetic skills and maintain equipments in the synthetic chemistry laboratory.
  1. MS or PhD in organic chemistry or medicinal chemistry or related fields;
  2. Familiar to drug discovery, organic synthesis; More than 3 years working experiences; Execute independently on multi-step synthesis;
  3. The preferred candidate should be creative, responsible, and with good leadership skills.
  4. Have capabilities to solve the problems independently.


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