Public welfare in action-- Sowing the seeds of love and knowledge
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books are like a magical world that invites them to imagine and dream new things. For children in remote mountain areas, book will be like a seed, and
 it will take root and sprout in their small heart thirsting for knowledge.


At the end of March, the Youth League Committee of the International Medical Zone took the call for the book donations  for the Puti Primary School in Zhaojue, Sichuan Province, and received a positive response from employees and enterprises in the park. 
Public welfare in action, A book, give children a blue sky!
Within a week, the International Medical Zone received a total of  8 boxes of love children's books donated by employees of the group and its subsidiaries and a number of park companies. Among them, LinkChem as a pinoeer of park enterprise actively participated in donation activities.

Thanks to the hundreds of new books provided by the Medical Park Group and the support of building a library named"Boai Library " . A library is a valuable resource for students who are learning to read. It provides a space where they can explore and discover new books and spend time outside of class reading for pleasure.

Jise fangseng( deputy head of Zhaojue), and An Lida(Director of the Education Bureau) attended the donation ceremony.

 From now on, LinkChem will actively participate in all kinds of charity activities, Let  all children living under the same blue sky and grow up happy. Willing to use our love to help more children realize their dreams


 "BoAi Books, Ten Years hundreds libraries"

The book donation activities were jointly initiated by the Minjiang Municipal Committee of Shanghai, Pudong New Area Committee, Minjiang Liangshan Prefecture, and Xichang City Committee, and were carried out at Putai Elementary School in Zhaojue County. Also participating in the event were Zhu Minghua, member of the Standing Committee of the Standing Committee of the People's Republic of China Shanghai Committee, Pudong Pudong New Area Committee, Deputy Chairman of the Daikin Pudong New Area Dai Yueming, and Zhang Peilei of the Pudong New Area, and Vice Chairperson Zhang Jin of Minchang Liangshan Prefecture and Xichang Municipal Party Committee, and the Economic and Social Affairs Committee. Comrade of the Propaganda Department.


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