Exhibition Express | CPHI China was held successfully!


Looking forward to it, meeting with joy. From June 19 to 21, 2023, the much-anticipated, three-day " 21st World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials China Exhibition (CPHI China 2023)" and " the 16th World Pharmaceutical Machinery, Packaging Equipment and Materials China Exhibition (PMEC China 2023)" were grandly opened in Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center. The exhibition covered hot spots of the whole pharmaceutical industry chain. Nearly 3,400 exhibitors gathered in a luxurious lineup in Shanghai to display innovative products, cutting-edge technologies and forward-looking solutions, and professional buyers from 120 or more countries and regions participated in the grand event. Looking back at the scene, people were still buzzing in my ears, and the crowds of exhibitors were constantly shuttling, and then the business boom was lifted.

On the opening day, LinkChem's various business segments and CXO service platform attracted thousands of colleagues from the pharmaceutical industry to visit. While winning wide acclaim, many guests also expressed their expectation for further substantive business negotiations.

CPHI China was held successfully!

LinkChem carefully arranged a 90-square-meter booth at the exhibition and prepared seasonal fresh fruits and Shanghai ice cream to warmly welcome guests and friends from all over the world, which attracted many domestic and overseas customers to stop and negotiate. With its excellent R&D capability, perfect industrialization base, international quality management system, and constantly improving production capacity layout, LinkChem provides technical services and commercialization of small molecule APIs, specialty intermediates, and special material monomer products for hundreds of well-known pharmaceutical companies, new materials and new energy companies worldwide. LinkChem will continue to take the research, development, and industrialization as the company's overall and long-term development strategy, aimed at actively contributing to the cause of life, health, and green energy innovation.

Every encounter is a reunion after a long separation; They are all surprises with a new beginning! LinkChem always insists on being "Scientific, rigorous, innovative, cooperative" to provide customers withhigh quality products and services! We look forward to meeting you next time to discuss matters of vital importance for win-win cooperation!

Thank you! Grateful peers!

Win-win situation! Concentric and far-reaching!