Exhibition Express | The SAPA-China Annual Conference (Chengdu) was a Great Success


On April 6-7, 2023, the SAPA-China (Chengdu) Annual Conference "Advancing the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry in China" was officially heldin Chengdu. The conference was centered on the ecosystem of China's pharmaceutical and biotechnology development, strategies to promote drug innovation and cutting-edge science and technology, with a series of activities such ashigh-level forums, professional seminars, project docking, financing promotion and enterprise exhibition. It covered the whole chain of the pharmaceutical industry, including original innovation of the pharmaceutical industry, applied research, clinical practice, commercialization, investment and financing. This was a rare international academic event, and an excellent stage for the integration of capital and projects. The conference attracted nearly 10 of the world's top 500 multinational pharmaceutical companies, more than 500 representatives of well-known pharmaceutical companies at home and abroad, scholars from domestic and overseas research institutions and leaders of large multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology innovation enterprises who gathered in Chengdu High-tech Zone to discuss the construction and development of biopharmaceutical industry, LinkChem was invited to participate in this event.

During the conference, LinkChem fully demonstrated its platform advantages and one-stop solutions in the field of small molecule innovative drugs to the representatives of domestic and overseas pharmaceutical companies, and made in-depth communication with each visitor. We listened carefully to the needs of each customer, provided professional technology answers on-site, solving the pain points in their actual operation. Many of them expressed their willingness to cooperate.